Monthly archives of “August 2019

What’s the alternative?

Some things just need to be done. We don’t want to because that particular way might be uncomfortable but we know it’s the only way. We might say “tomorrow I start” or “someday” and procrastinate by avoiding the really important thing we need to do.… Read More

Strive for better problems

Everyone wants to have a better life. A life without problems where everything is easy, and there are no struggles. This is impossible. Nobody has that kind of life. We all have problems. They will never run out – solve one, another one is cued… Read More

Don’t lose your momentum

Momentum is one of the best things in life. It’s valuable, and if you don’t appreciate it enough, it will go away. Just like almost everything else in life. We want something so bad, and once we get it, we lose interest, or we don’t… Read More

Not everyone will like you

We all have that need to be liked. Some more than others but nevertheless we all want people to not disapprove of us. In extreme cases, this is basically a disease. A disease to please others. It has two sides to it: first, we want… Read More