The law of use

The law of use – which is one of the laws of the Universe – states that if knowledge has been revealed to you, you have to use it. Wisdom is not meant to be hoarded.

Let’s take getting fit and eating healthy as an example.

Infringing the law of use would mean that a beginner would consume hours upon hours of video content, read fitness blogs, buy and read different books on food, etc. without taking any action. It’s hoarding information. And it’s useless.

According to the law use, the better approach would be to consume e.g., one book or course and then take the next couple of months action without any new theory whatsoever.

What happens when you don’t use what has been given to you?

The answer is quite simple and straightforward: it will eat away your soul.


On freedom of outcome

Spiritual teachers talk about this concept of outcome independence. It means that one shouldn’t be dependent on a certain outcome but should accept whatever happens.

E.g., if you expect to have a picnic the next day but instead it rains, it’s better to accept the fact, as you can’t do much to change the fact that it rains. Resisting the fact that it rains, would be close to mental illness.

However, in many situations, no matter how many times we tell ourselves to be “free” from the outcome, we still wish a certain outcome, and if we don’t get it, we’re affected by it. We might feel shitty, and that’s normal. It’s hardwired into our brains, and we can’t simply “think” it away. I.e., no matter how many times you tell yourself to be independent of the outcome, you’re still going to be very much dependent on the outcome.

Solution? Do the thing until you get the desired outcome.

I think it’s perfectly fine to be dependent on the outcome as trying to think away something pretty much hardcoded into our brains is close to impossible to do.


The one thing that always gives you the strength to stand up again


Life is ruthless. We all know that. Sometimes it feels as if the boot of life is hitting you in the face again and again until you’re face-down in the dirt. It’s the struggle of life, and we all get to experience it from time to time.

Obviously, the important part is to get back up again and keep going – sometimes easier said than done.

What I think is the one thing that gives us the power to do that is having a strong purpose in our lives. Something that you want so much, you think about it every single day. Napoleon Hill calls it “the burning desire.”

When people without a clear goal go down, they lack the will to get back up. They give up. They say things like” what’s the point, everything’s fucked up anyway.”

It’s called apathy, and it’s everywhere if you look around.

In fact, if you look closely, you can see how many people walking around are already dead – they just don’t know it yet. You can see it in the pupils. The eyes never lie, as the saying goes.

Apathy is one of the worst emotional states to be in – way worse anger, sadness, or grief. People in apathy have given up on their goals, their dreams – their life. They exist physically but are not living.

Having a strong purpose doesn’t let that happen. It gives you the superpower to keep on going no matter how rough things get.

I encourage you to find your burning desire if you already haven’t and use it as fuel to march on. Reminding yourself of your end-goal will help you get through the rainy days a lot easier.