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Use your unconscious mind

We need more stillness in our lives. There’s too much noise. Just think about how your mind is bombarded with constant stimulus every day and moment. Most people make the terrible choice to wake up to the news, then check the phone; then there’s radio… Read More

Be turned on by obstacles

Stoicism is most likely the best form of philosophy out there. The reason is this: it’s practical. It doesn’t require any debates whether this means this or that. It’s not an intellectual exercise. The leaders of stoicism were not some poor rags either. Marcus Aurelius,… Read More

The Muse and her gifts

Apparently, Zeus had nine daughters with Mnemosyne called the Muses. They represent the source of knowledge for all things regarding creativity like arts, poetry, literature, and songs. Essentially they can mean “inspiration” for artists. Now, I don’t know if they really exist, but I do… Read More

On being unapologetic

Don’t ever apologize for who you are, what you like, what you enjoy, and what you want. Be absolutely unapologetic. Too often, people try to dumb themselves down, pretending to enjoy things that others do, thinking that then people will like them more. Or if… Read More

How to stop judging others

For quite some time, I’ve been pondering about why do we judge other people so much and how to stop doing this. We’re essentially little tyrants that want others to be like us and think like us. We get angry if they don’t. Some do… Read More