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We’re all tyrants inside

We all judge other people in some way or another. Even if we don’t say anything out loud, in our heads, we still evaluate them by the way they act, dress, or speak.  E.g., for me this manifests when I see people on their phones… Read More

Nobody will save you

Follow instructions, shut up, do as you’re told, don’t stand out too much, don’t ask too many questions, use a blue ink pen, do not color over the lines, go to university, get a “good job” and you’ll be taken care of. This is what… Read More

Should we always be positive?

I think so. Being positive is not the same as being happy or feeling great. These are emotions. Being positive or negative is more of an attitude. We can’t choose our emotions. They are all necessary and equal. Being happy is not better than being… Read More

The best writing app

Typora with the Newsprint theme. ’It’s the best writing program ’I’ve ever used – and ’I’ve tried a lot of them. I write all my blog posts on that. It’s a markdown editor – similar to HTML code websites use. But ’it’s super easy. E.g.,… Read More