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I’m different

I’m different than most people. That’s not me being cocky – that’s a fact. I know this because when I observe myself in certain situations and then observe others, almost everyone else does the same shit, whereas I do something else instead. Note that I’m… Read More

Always learn something new

Here’s the thing. If you’re not moving up in life, you’re moving down. Same thing with our brains: If you are not learning new skills to keep your brain fit, it doesn’t stay the same; it deteriorates. Our brains need to be exercised. They need… Read More

Produce more, consume less

Most people are only concerned with consuming without thinking about the return of value. They watch TV, consume social media, buy stuff, etc. Now, I’m not putting down these people, I’m just saying how it is. If you look around, I think you’d agree. I… Read More