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Show up

Show up no matter what. Show up every day, not because you need something from others but because you want to. Many people want others to show up, but they themselves don’t even show up. So, how can you expect others to show up at… Read More

Status anxiety

Instead of working on ourselves to look cool why not work on ourselves to actually be cool? Why are we constantly scanning around to see if we “fit” in and worried about how well are we doing in relation to the people around us? One… Read More

Why escalators are dangerous

Some people use the escalator or the elevator and then go to the gym to use the treadmill or the stepper machine. I find this behavior fascinating. Do they not realize that they could exercise for free by taking the stairs instead? Or at the… Read More

The amygdala

Seth Godin calls it the lizard brain, Steven Pressfield calls it the resistance. However you want to call it, we all have it. We all struggle with it. And for most of us – it runs us. Are you a lizard? Do you act upon… Read More

Self-teach yourself

I think it’s so cool we can nowadays learn almost anything we want to learn. All the information and theory are online. You just need to go and find it. Information is no more guarded by gatekeepers like Universities that will make you go in… Read More